Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all orders between US Vinyl Floor Bending, LLC (“Company”) and you (“Customer”).

Duty to Inspect:

Company will make stair treads (“Treads”) using its patented Tread-Match System on vinyl plank flooring (“Product”) provided to Company by Customer.   

Customer should possess necessary expertise in the flooring industry and practice.  Customer is responsible for the storage of the Product before delivery to Company, and following delivery to Customer upon completion of the Treads.  Customer must conduct a thorough product inspection to determine proper quality and that product ordered is product received, and must promptly notify Company of any defective Tread.  Customer’s failure to Company of any defective Tread within 72 hours of delivery constitutes a waiver of Customer’s claims.  Customer should not install any Tread that is or may be defective or commence installation if the Tread is not suitable for any reason.

Failure to Follow Recommendations:

Customer acknowledges receipt of the installation instructions for the Treads (“Installation Instructions”).  Customer understands that it must review the Installation Instructions prior to installation of the Treads.  Customer agrees to install the Treads strictly in accordance with the Installation Instructions.  

Customer recognizes that if the Installation Instructions are not followed, then the Treads will not be installed properly and that it would not be fair to hold Company liable if the Instruction Installations are not followed.  Accordingly, Customer waives claims against Company, and agrees to defend, indemnity and hold Company harmless for any claim or liability or injury or loss that results from Customer’s failure to strictly follow the Installation Instructions.  Customer also agrees to compensate Company for any time and expenses incurred by it, including attorneys’ fees, in defense of any such claim.

Limited Liability:

Company’s workmanship will be professional and in keeping with flooring industry standards.  This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, either express and implied.

Product defects or other claims are subject to the applicable manufacturer’s warranty.  Company is not responsible for Customer’s failure to comply with the Installation Instructions or manufacturer’s warranty. Company is not responsible for defective products.

Company’s liability for damages arising out of any theory of liability, including torts, such as negligence, strict or statutory liability, and breach of contract, is expressly limited to the amount of the Customer’s order.